Christmas Cookie Decorating

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christmas cookies

Today was Christmas cookie decorating day! I pre-made all the cute Christmas sugar cookie cut-outs last night. This afternoon, after lunch, I assembled each boy with his own cutting board and array of colored frostings and sprinkles. I try my hardest not to let my control freak tendencies try to peek through and ruin our fun.

Most of the time spent decorating was instructing how high a sprinkle arc should be to land correctly on the frosting. James flopped most of his sprinkle containers onto the frosting. He was also the most likely to be eating the cookie decorations.

Of course, each boy’s individual personality shone through during our activity today. James wanted every color and every sprinkle on each of his cookies. David was more particular, wanting one frosting color per cookie and was more strategic in his placement of sprinkles.

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As the kids get older, we get to do more and more fun activities like decorating Christmas cookies. The older boys are getting past their destructive ages, when at one point, I would set up a craft at the table and the entire project ended up on the floor within minutes.

Nick, who is 16 months, just ate his cookie and a spoon of frosting. It was important to me to still have him partaking in the fun, in his own way, more for my own memory’s sake.


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The whole process took about an hour to complete and another hour to clean-up. I never mind the clean-up part, too much. It’s just a reminder of the fun!

  • Erin


    I love hearing about the boys’ different approaches to decorating. That’s exactly what I would’ve expected and is a perfect example of how they are.

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