Night Running Gear

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When Winter comes in Minnesota, so does the dark. It is dark early around 4:30 PM! Whether, you want to get up early and run, or get your run in before dinner, it is guaranteed you will be running outside in the dark.

I spent most of December-February last year running on the treadmill at the gym. This year, I have equipped myself with the gear to accommodate running in the dark. While I absolutely love to run, I don’t absolutely love to run in the dark. However, there are a lot of things I like about it! Like, the peace and quiet it gives me, the tunnel-like comfort running on dark sidewalks, fewer pedestrians, and I can choose to take my pace a little slower.

Here is my must-have night running gear list:


1. Nathan Tri-Color Vest

A reflective vest helps cars see you from a far distance. My rule of thumb is, no one is expecting to see a runner on their dark drive home from work or wherever they are coming from. I always assume the driver can’t see me, but a reflective vest makes it easier to be sure he does.

2. SPIBelt

I wore the Nathan SonicBoom to carry my phone on my runs during the Summer. Once the temperature dipped below 25 degrees in the evenings, my phone would turn off. The SPIbelt, when worn around my hips and under my sweatshirt, keeps my phone warmer and power on to track my runs better.

3. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

While, you can wear any shoe for night running, I just happen to run in Mizunos. Big fan. I have been injury free for well over a year and I know it’s because I train right and wear a great, quality shoe.

4. Nathan StrobeLight

I started wearing this clip light on my back during night runs. We own two and last night I clipped one on my front as well! I run mostly on sidewalks but it’s the crossing of the neighborhood streets where I worry drivers at my back don’t notice me and make a right hand turn. This LED light is very bright and has a strobe option.

5. Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

This headlamp is bright, lightweight and stays secure on my head. It has been great on snowy or icy days where not all parts of the street are slippery. It also increases my visibility to drivers. If you are weary of a headlamp, I have heard Knuckle Lights work well, too.

6. yurbuds

Again, not exclusively used for night running but it’s part of my gear! These buds have great sound quality and stay snuggly in my ear. I am sure to keep music low (or off, with only the sound of my RunKeeper) when running at night because you have to be that much more aware of what’s around you in the dark.


Are there running gear products you don’t feel safe running without? What seasons test your running limitations where you live?


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