Move Weekly Recap 3/15-3/21

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move weekly recap

3/15 Sunday: Late Afternoon Yoga at YMCA
3/16 Monday: 5.2 miles track (4 mi + strides)
3/17 Tuesday: off (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)
3/18 Wednesday: 6.4 miles track (slow/fast negative splits)
3/19 Thursday: Evening Yoga at the YMCA
3/20 Friday: 4 miles with J & N in jogging stroller
3/21 Saturday: 14 miles outside

A lot of exciting things happened this week with running, and I also achieved some new milestones!

I think Mondays are one of the hardest training days of the week. I am supposed to be running 5 easy miles, followed by over a mile of strides. The last few weeks, I am still not quite 100% after Saturday’s long runs and my legs are tired. I usually eat terribly on Sunday and by Monday morning I am not feeling quite put together for my run. I have been cutting the 5 miles I am supposed to be running to 4, and then completing the strides for 20 seconds at 95% effort with a 2 minutes recovery – 5 times. It’s pretty exhausting, let me tell you. Cutting out that 1 mile is pretty hard on me mentally, however, I guess it’s the little cheat I allow myself the last few weeks.

On Friday, I got to run with the two younger boys riding in our bike trailer (20 months and 3.5 years)! I call it the “trailer” but on my calendar recap I’ll call it the “stroller” for those who don’t read my blog regularly and are not sure what a trailer is. We can hook up the trailer to a bike obviously, but we keep the front wheel on and I push up to two kids at a time in it. I took the kids to some garage sales last Summer and tried to fit all three in, but there just isn’t enough room. So, last fall I pushed the two “little” boys in the trailer, while the oldest was at school. It works out so well for me and the kids love riding.

It is still pretty chilly here in Minnesota, but the snow was all gone by Friday, so I went back and forth a little whether it was a better idea to bundle the kids and take them out in the stroller or just pack up and go to the gym. I only had to run 4 miles, so it was the perfect opportunity to test how the boys would like the trailer this year. However, I worried about getting two miles out and the kids complaining about being cold, or Nick not liking the trailer entirely.

Ultimately, I chose taking a small risk and pushing the kids in the trailer for 4 miles. I am so glad I did! The boys loved it and so did I. The first mile, Nick kept looking back at me like, “What are you doing back there, mama?”. I think he has no memory of all our runs together last fall. James remembered all our old spots where we point out things like: the geese pond, a red PT cruiser always parked in the same spot, the High School football field, a large maple tree that had fire red leaves last year, David’s school, and so much more. By the end of our run, the sun was shining, the kids had taken off their mittens from the warmth in the trailer, and I was feeling pretty proud I could push…much slower…the kids again this year.

I know I have said it before, but putting two things together I love so much – running and the kids, has to top some ultimate list of things that make me incredibly happy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty tough. The trailer is a wide load. It rolls great, but it takes some effort to push 65 lbs of kids bundled in Winter coats and blankets. I am constantly shouting, “BIG BUMP!” or “WIDE TURN!”. The kids get a kick out of my babbling from behind.

After our run Friday, the kids and I packed up and headed to my in-law’s in Rochester, MN for a weekend visit and family Baptism. Saturday’s 14.4 mile long run was the farthest I have ever ran! It was also the longest duration I had ever run at 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 3 seconds. I could feel a little tightness in my quads that I am pretty sure was due to the way my stride changes while pushing the kids in the trailer. I wasn’t injured or anything, but it took me to about mile 6 before I stopped noticing the extra effort it was taking me to move my legs!

I am writing a separate post about how equally awesome it is to run with someone you love as much as pushing my kids. I was blessed to run with my mother-in-law and husband for portions of my long run and it is a run I will remember forever!

Do you or have you pushed kids in a stroller or bike trailer? I would love to hear about your experiences with it!

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    I think you can let the 1 mile go! It’s well within a normal margin of error

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